Ministry of Agriculture Press Statement

The Ministry of Agriculture wishes to clarify misleading information which has been published in sections of the media, Re: Hundreds more sugar workers to be laid off”, are catered for in the original figure.

Referring to a newspaper report today, the Ministry notes grossly misrepresented information which pointed to the facts that more sugar workers would be laid off in addition to what was originally stated.

The 900 workers were retained by the Corporation to man certain key facilities and structures and to provide security. However they were aware of that at the end of the extended period that they too would be sent home and paid their severance. These are workers of the Skeldon, Rose Hall and East Demerara Estates that have been closed.

The sugar corporation had explained to the workers earmarked for retention that their severance package would have been estimated, and at the end of their period of retention, a final calculation made of what is owed to them.

The first list of workers for severance was 3,700 which together with the 900 that is now being referred to by sections of the Media, adds up to the 4763 severed workers and not an additional 900. A breakdown of workers severed per estate is set out as follows;-

Skeldon Rose Hall East Dem Wales
Agri 64 136 110 51 361
Factory 18 68 16 27 129
Admin-  Finance& Human Resources 42 48 45 33 168
Security 63 54 76 54 247
Total 187 306 247 165 905
Senior Staff 62



The Ministry of Agriculture is calling on members of the Media to be cognizant of the fact that the situation at present remains critical and is a highly sensitive one, and as such, should ensure the accuracy of facts being reported.