NAREI“The Premier Research and Extension Organisation”

The National Agricultural Research & Extension Institute (NAREI) is the premier organisation responsible for spearheading agricultural research and extension activities for productivity enhancement and diversification of the non- traditional crops sector (fruits and vegetables), bio fuel development as well as for plant quarantine services. NAREI’s vision is to ensure food security, prosperity and livelihoods of all, using technological innovations in agriculture.”

The Institute is actively engaged in adaptive research that focuses on improving crop production/ productivity for enhanced food security and rural development. Emphasis is placed on crop diversification from high volume- low income to low volume- high income crops such as spices and other cash crops, new vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage and sweet pepper), IPM approach to managing biotic stresses, procurement and evaluation of exotic germplasm (black eye, corn and soybean) of field crops, bio fuel crops, coconut and cassava revitalisation, and technology dissemination through the extension services. The promotion of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices inclusive of protected agricultural systems for year round vegetable production, hydroponics and drip irrigation is also given prominence.

NAREI’s Strategic Plan (2013- 2020) envisions the Institute as being the major facilitator for a prosperous, food secure and environmentally sustainable Guyana. This will be achieved through enhancing agricultural productivity and quality of produce through generation and dissemination of newer and efficient technologies and services reduced import of agri produce and products, reduced malnutrition and environmental degradation and enhanced exports taking into consideration the changing global and business environments.

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National Agricultural Research and
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