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PTCCBThe Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board was established for the management of pesticides and toxic chemicals in Guyana. The Board is tasked with responsibility for licensing, registration, training, inspection and enforcement and executes these activities with the aim of ensuring sound chemicals management in Guyana; reduce human health and environment risk, and food safety in agriculture production.

All chemicals used in Guyana must be registered by the Board ensuring that all pesticides used in agriculture production are of minimum risk to human health and environment. This also plays an important role in the international trade of agricultural produce from Guyana ensuring that produce are safe for consumption. The PTCCB has a well equipped laboratory which plays a vital role in food safety carrying out formulated pesticides analyses and residual analyses.

The PTCCB is active in the training of farmers, extension agents, vendors, students, pest control operators and Customs and Trade Administration Officers throughout Guyana. In so doing, focus is centered on pesticide related topics with relevance to agricultural practices. The Board also raises public awareness through the development and distribution of training manuals and the publication of a quarterly newsletter. Further, the Board participates frequently at national exhibitions and television programmes featuring agriculture issues, in addition to hosting website with a comprehensive range of topics pertinent to its mandate.

Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals Control Board (PTCCB)
Mrs. Trecia David Garnett
Pesticide and Toxic Chemicals Control Board
NAREI Compound, Mon Repos
East Coast Demerara

Tel:  (592)-220-7887
(592)- 220-8880
Fax: (592) – 220-8933

Email: .gy
Facebook page :

Trecia David

Trecia DavidTrecia David
Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board
NAREI Compound, Mon Repos
East Coast Demerara

Tel. # 592-2207887/8880/8838
Fax. 592-2208933

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