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GRDB New LogoMission Statement: “To efficiently utilize the resources of Guyana to produce and market high quality rice and rice by-products as a staple food for local and international markets, while providing employment and foreign exchange earnings.”
The Guyana Rice Development Board Act of 1994 established the GRDB as a corporate body. The general functions of the GRDB are to (1) develop the rice industry and promote the exportation of rice, (2) establish facilities and undertake research on rice production for the benefit of farmers, and (3) engage in other promotional and development activities to develop the rice industry.

GRDB is managed by a Board of Directors (BOD) and a General Manager. The BOD is appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and must include Farmers, Rice Millers, a Consumer Representative, other Stakeholders of the Industry, etc.

The establishment of the GRDB was designed be involved in the policy making and regulatory role. As established, the GRDB is also a facilitator of selected activities within the rice industry that is now owned, and operated by the private sector. In addition to its regulatory activities; GRDB work along with stakeholders in the following area:

Export and Trade Facilitation: This department is solely responsible for the preparation of all relevantdocumentation for the exporting of rice from Guyana. They also assist in the facilitation of Foreign Investors in the purchase of Guyana’s rice or other rice products where necessary.

Quality Control: This department is responsible for ensuring that the quality of rice for both local consumption and exports meets the requisite specifications. They also train Farmers, Millers Workers and Exporters in areas of Quality Management.

Research: The unit is based at the Rice Research Station at Burma, Mahaicony, where new varieties and strains are developed, so that farmers can have access to plants that are more conducive to providing a better quality and higher volumes of grain.

Extension (Technology Transfer): This department is responsible for the transfer of technology from the Research Station to the farmer. Extension Officers, based in all the regions, regularly meet with farmers and serve as an advisory body to assist the farmers in the acquisition of inputs, the retooling with new technology available, and/or information dissemination of pertinent data that could lead to improved and more productive husbandry practices. Where demonstrations are needed the Extension Officers provide this service, thus also acting as educators/facilitators/enablers to the farmers.

Extension Services (Rice and Cash Crops)
Guyana Rice Development
Board (GRDB)
Tel# 225-8717

Nizam Hassan

Nizam Hassan MBA   Nizam Hassan MBA
   General Manager 
  Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB)
   116-117 Cowan Street
   Guyana, S.A.

   Tel: 592-225-8717 ext 210
   Fax: 592-225-6486
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