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Fisheries LogoThe Fisheries Department is responsible for managing, regulating and promoting the sustainable development of the nation’s fishery resources for the benefit of the participants in the sector and the national economy. The Fisheries sector is made up of three primary components: Marine Fishery, Aquaculture and Inland Fishery. The department achieves its mission through the following divisions:

Administration: To provide the relevant support services necessary for the development and maintenance of fisheries programmes and activities.

Statistical Unit:
To collect and analyze data and conduct surveys to provide scientific and social-economic information for policy determination, planning and resource management. The key responsibilities include: Market Survey Activity, Management of Data Entry and Storage, Production and Management of Individual Export Licences forms.

Legal and Inspectorate Unit:
To ensure the observance of all legal and administrative requirements by all entities in the fishery sub-sector and recommended appropriate charges to existing regulations which govern the Sector. The key responsibilities include: Registration and Licencing of fishing vessels, License and inspect fish processing plant, Conduct enforcement and surveillance activities of fishing vessels, Monitor the industrial fleet/artisanal compliance with licence conditions, Monitor and conciliate complaints and disputes at the centre and the regions, Issue export licences for fish and fish products, Ensure the collection of revenue under the Fisheries Act 2002 and Maritime Act of 1977, etc.

Aquaculture: To ensure that aquaculture is developed in a sustainable and controlled manner optimising economic and environmental benefits.

Fisheries Department
(compound of Ministry of Agriculture)
Tel#225- 9559/ 9552

Denzil Roberts


Denzil Roberts
Chief Fisheries Office
Regent & Shiv Chanderpaul Drive
Georgetown, Guyana
South America.

Tel: 225- 9559/ 9552

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