The embryos extracted from animal(s) must be accompanied by a Health Certificate signed by          the Veterinary Authority of the country of origin certifying that:

  1. The country from which the embryos are exported has been free from Foot and Mouth Disease for a period of at least twelve (12) months immediately prior to the date of exportation of the embryos.


  1. The animal(s) was / were physically sound and in good health and free from clinical signs of any OIE listed infectious or contagious disease for the species on the date of collection.



  1. So far as it has been possible to ascertain, Scrapie has not existed on the premises; from which the animal(s) / embryos has / have originated during the three (3) years immediately prior to date of the exportation of the embryos.


  1. The  embryos were derived from a certified Brucellosis free herd or the donor cow was tested negative for Brucellosis using Complement Fixation (CF) or a serum agglutination test with internationally approved antigens for Brucellosis either within six months prior to or six months after the collection of the embryos for export.
  2. The embryos originated from a facility which is under the supervision of the Competent Authority of the exporting country and adhere to guideline as outlined in the terrestrial animal health code for such facilities.


 This permit is valid for three (3) months(single entry) from the date hereof.