Agriculture Ministry establishes hotline to engage farmers in light of COVID 19

In an effort to carry out its mandate while adhering to national COVID19 guidelines, the Ministry of Agriculture has established a hotline where farmers can communicate with officers about issues they are facing.

Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha said that while he prefers to be out meeting farmers and addressing their issues directly, the current state of affairs will see his office putting additional measures in place to interact with farmers.

“The Coronavirus is no joke. We have to take every precaution imaginable. My main focus still remains ensuring our farmers are taken care of and their issues are addressed. COVID will not stop this Government from ensuring we serve our people. We have a responsibility and the job has to be done and done right so my Ministry is putting systems in place to ensure farmers’ needs are met,” Minister Mustapha said.

The Minister also said, that while it is his desire to meet with as many farmers as possible, the health of ministry officials and farmers remain a top priority. He further stated that he will continue meeting with farmers but in smaller groups.

Since taking office, the subject minister has had several meetings with farmers and other stakeholders. Although COVID19 guidelines such as social distancing, temperature checks, wearing masks and washing and sanitizing hands are requirements for staff and other persons visiting the Ministry, the Ministry has taken a decision to establish another avenue to liaise with farmers.

In light of the recent COVID19 diagnosis of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugh Todd, Ministers of Government are now tasked with taking extra precaution while carrying out their respective functions.

Persons can call or send a message to 694-6878 if they have concerns or issues that are agriculture related. The information will be filtered to the relevant agency and addressed as soon as possible. Accompanying photos can also be sent through WhatsApp.