Temporary repairs for damaged Stewartville koker

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) will conduct temporary repairs to the damaged parts of the Stewartville koker door on Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, a team from the Department of Public Information (DPI), along with a group from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), visited the community of Stewartville, Region 3, where a massive overtopping of water was seen pouring onto residents’ lands.

DPI understands that a section of the koker door was damaged, “approximately 4-5 boards are broken”. During this period, other kokers (Leonora and De Kinderen) will be used to assist with the draining off of the water.

At present, the GuySuCo is preparing materials to install a temporary door, which will be connected as soon as the unusually high tides recede.

Controlled structures have been opened to minimise the effects that the current tide might have on those houses which are nearby.

Additionally, it was disclosed that in seven days, the official door is expected to be completed.

Relative to the spring tides, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), among other government agencies and ministries are working assiduously to mitigate this situation. The CDC also announced on Tuesday, it is actively engaging national agencies to alleviate and address the concerns of residents in flood-affected communities.