Lindeners eager to plant!


Hundreds of residents braved the harsh Linden sun to flock the Ministry of Agriculture’s booth at the ‘Government comes to you’ outreach, to gather information on how to start either small-scale farms or processing facilities.

Wismar, Blueberry Hill resident, Kelvin McKenzie is striving to achieve his dream of farming and owning an agro-processing facility. Following his visit, he was happy to learn that he would soon be granted access to agricultural lands.


A resident meeting with staff of the Ministry

“That’s my only dream, and I’m pursuing it, I’m about to get my vehicle next month, I’m getting support from my family, to do what’s necessary, I had a chat with my family and they are well behind me with this operation with the Agriculture process down this side because we need to do some kind of processing plant to assist myself and the community,” he said.

McKenzie said he intends to do canning of various types of meats, and is hopeful that he would be able to open his business by the end of the year and provide jobs for the youth in his community.

Other persons were eager to get into farming, but needed only the land, while some were looking for the capital to start up their businesses