GuySuCo forms Partnership with Department of Tourism to Develop Heritage Tourism and Secure Sugar Heritage

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) has established a partnership with the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Business, to develop ‘Heritage Tourism’ as a new business stream as a part of the Corporation’s new strategic direction. While key components of the  new  Strategic Plan focuses on value added products such as, plantation white sugar and cogeneration; and improving the Corporation’s overall capability and efficiencies, the Corporation has recognized that it is important that the preservation of the invaluable sugar history  be factored into the transition programme.

Photo 1 - Sugar Heritage Meeting

Donald Sinclair, Director General, Department of Tourism doing a presentation to the Managers of GuySuCo

The Corporation’s new ‘Sustainable Business Model’ allows it to focus on accounting for a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) – economic (financial), environmental and social; hence this partnership will ensure that Heritage (Sugar) Tourism becomes integrated into the tourism industry in a structured and well-coordinated way.

On the 24 September, 2018, GuySuCo and the Department of Tourism had its first meeting, to discuss the partnership and the specifics of the engagement between the two organisations. This new business line for the Corporation will be organized around educational as well as relaxation for students, groups, visitors and tourists.

The Department of Tourism will support GuySuCo in the development of a ‘Heritage Tourism’ strategy in line with the national tourism policy; assist in defining the strategic direction for tourism relative to sugar; assist in the designing project proposals for funding for the development and creation of heritage and other sites in the sugar industry, including a ‘Sugar Museum’; determine market opportunities (current and future); establish and ‘Annual Estate Week’ for 2019; training  in tourism, heritage tourism and other relevant areas.

The Corporation will also build on its engagements with the National Trust of Guyana, National Archives and other relevant agencies to ensure that the sugar heritage is sufficiently captured, secured and documented as the transition process continues