Diversification of Agriculture base high on Brazilian Investors agenda for Guyana’s Intermediate Savannahs -biofuel, glycerin to be produced on large-scale from corn production

Guyana’s Intermediate Savannahs in Region 10 will soon be the hub of agricultural diversification that will see NF Agriculture Inc. in partnership with an international team of investors, plough millions of US dollars into the development of multifaceted agricultural initiatives.

The billion-dollar investment into Guyana’s Intermediate Savannahs will see the creation of jobs for Guyanese, the transfer of technology and a boost to science-based agricultural endeavors such as the production of biogas, glycerin, etc.

Minister Holder and other members of the team while on one of the farms

Minister Holder and other members of the team while on one of the farms

During a recent visit to the city of Lucas do Rio Verde, Brazil, several meetings and tours were held with the team of investors which forged partnerships between Guyana and Brazil, to further catapult agriculture in Guyana.

While at the FIAGRIL Bioenergy plant, manager of the company, Mr. Luiz Gury spoke of the practice whereby the process uses the production of bioenergy to remain productive. According to Mr. Gury, the process from inception to finished bioethanol takes approximately 70 minutes.

Corn is cultivated in the city on a large scale and is used not only to sustain the feed industry, but has been making progress in the energy sector.

Corn in Mr. Paulo Franz's factory

Corn in Mr. Paulo Franz’s factory

“The factory has been producing biodiesel and glycerin in a large scale and currently we are working with the government to have this increased…” he said.

Currently, the plant produces 160 ml of bioethanol and 50 tonnes of glycerin daily.

Mr. Marino Franz, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mano Julio Company and FRIAGRILL, spoke of the potential of bringing such an investment to Guyana’s Intermediate Savannahs.

He added that in terms of logistics and trade, Guyana and Brazil have been fostering closer ties over the years, and as such, an investment of this magnitude augurs well for Guyana’s industry.

Mr. Paulo Franz explains one of the stages in the drying process of cotton

Mr. Paulo Franz explains one of the stages in the drying process of cotton

In Lucus do Rio Verde, soybean remains the dominant crop, however, corn which is the second most important crop according to Mr. Franz, has been used to create greater investment returns.

“In Mato Grosso alone, 30 million tonnes of corn is produced in the state alone. The company started its operations on the large scale last August and is now in its first phase of production,” he said.

FRIAGRILL has also announced the opening of another branch which will have the potential to produce 600m liters of ethanol. Currently, the company does not export outside of Brazil due to the internal demand.

Samples of different products produced in the bioenergy plant

Samples of different products produced in the bioenergy plant

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder spoke of the potential to develop bioenergy in Guyana and prospects this will have on the country’s savannahs. The Minister welcomed the partnership adding that Guyana boasts a lucrative environment where investment has been thriving.

Cattle on Mr. Paulo Franz's farm

Cattle on Mr. Paulo Franz’s farm

The Bioenergy Plant creates approximately 55,000 jobs annually in Lucas de Verde, Moto Grosso where the unemployment rate stands at zero percent.

During the visit, tours were also made to the Mano Julio Mega Farm where the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Paulo Franz not only cultivates corn, soybeans, and cotton on a large scale; but has a thriving livestock investment.

Pig Slurry holding pond also used to produce energy

Pig Slurry holding pond also used to produce energy

The visit was organized by NF Agriculture Inc.- a Brazilian company operating at Ebini since September 2014.

The Brazilian delegation comprised;- Mr. Marino Franz of FRIAGRILL and Mano Julio company, Mr. Paulo Franz, CEO, Mano Julio farm, Henrique Lewandowski, lawyer for the investors, Ms. Ariane Magalhaes, Accountant, Granterra, Mr. Alcione Nicolette, Agronomist, Granterra; Mr. Ronaldo Vieira, Represntative of the Brazilian Embassy-Guyana, Mr. Ranger VanDijk, CEO John Deere, Mr. Ze Mario Castilho of Castilho Engineering, Mr. Mario Castilho, Engineer, Ms. Fabiana Buckley, Director of NF Agriculture  Inc. and Mr. Yucatan Reis, President of NF Agriculture Inc.

Leading the Guyana delegation was Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder, who was accompanied by Chief Executive Officers of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority and Guyana Livestock Development Authority respectively, Mr. Fredrick Flatts, and Mr. Nigel Cumberbatch, Directors of the Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASUD), Mr. George Jervis, Chief Executive Officers, Go Invest, Mr. Owen Verwey, and Ms. Leanna Damond, Investment, Facilitation and Promotion Officer.