Region Two administration commits to enhancing agriculture sector drainage system slated for rehabilitation

The Region Two administration continues to work assiduously to ensure proper maintenance of the region’s drainage system as it will improve their production and productivity base.

Regional Chairman (RC) Devanand Ramdatt told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the region is currently receiving support from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) to assist in the execution of much-needed works.

Region Two Regional Chairman (RC) Devanand Ramdatt

Region Two Regional Chairman (RC) Devanand Ramdatt

He explained that “on the coast, there is on-going work in the Pomeroon by NDIA. especially along the Pomeroon River dam where tubes and other materials were provided as well, revetments are done”.

The RC said, in light of the fact that residents are calling for more empoldering work to be done, the region has requested assistance from the NDIA since “it will require large sums of money which the region does not have especially in our allocation”.

He stressed that the region is known for rice production, as such, works will need to be addressed since it crucial to the region’s economy; hence the regional administration’s commitment to ensuring the area’s drainage system is operational and functional.

Recently $809M was approved to NDIA, to execute critical drainage works. Included among the projects is the installation of a drainage pump to assist Region Two farmers alleviate their drainage and irrigation woes.

The contract was awarded to Samaroo’s Investment at a sum of $103M to cover the procurement and installation of the drainage pump and the rehabilitation of the existing building at Three Friends, Essequibo.

The approval of the region’s 2017 budget, as it relates to the agricultural sector, will see the construction of revetments at Huis’t Dieren and Rivertown and a culvert at Hampton Court; an irrigation check at Better Success; rehabilitation and construction of the koker gates at Airy Hall, Spring Garden and Warousie, as well the tail wall at Good Intent and the Charity koker. Bridges will be constructed at Golden Fleece and Queenstown while the structures in Anna Regina are slated for rehabilitation.

The National Assembly had approved a provision of $3.599B to Region Two – Pomeroon-Supenaam, to improve the coverage, quality and timeliness in the delivery of regional administration’s, agriculture, public works, education and public services. The agriculture sector was allotted $373.184M for their works.