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Step 1: –Request for an export permit and completion of export permit application by the exporter.


Step 2:- Health examination of animal.


Step 3:- Determination and granting of export heath certificate for the particular species of animal or bird.

The following are considered:

  • Health of the animal to be exported.
  • Import requirements of the country to which the animal is exported.
  • Vaccination status of the animal to be exported (for dogs and cats) rabies vaccine should be administered 30 days prior to travel in some cases result of a titer test is required.
  • Ability of the exporter to fulfill the requirements for importing.
  • Presentation of test results and health records.


Step 4:- Preparation and processing of International Export Health Certificate attesting to the health of the animal, (four (4) working days).

Signatures of approval: –Senior Veterinary Officer or a Veterinary Officer so designated, the Chief Executive Officer or Deputy Chief Executive Officer with his seal.


Step 5:– The permit is collected by the applicant or an individual on their behalf via written authorization.


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