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  1. The requirements (disease free status, laboratory test requirements) outlined in the import permit is COUNTRY SPECIFIC and may be changed base on the country from which the import is made and the disease situation prevailing in the exporting country at the time of export.
  2. Import permits have a validity of three (3) months and are for single entry.
  3. Twenty- four hours notice must be given to the Animal Health Unit, GLDA, prior to the arrival of the animal.
  4. Inspection at the Port of Entry will be conducted by Veterinary Personnel, to determine the health status and compliance with the import requirements.
  5. The animal (s) must be accompanied by the necessary Health Certificate (s) signed by the Veterinary Authority of the country of origin.
  6. A Health Certificate (landing permit) is granted if all requirements (documentation, health) are met.
  7. The animal may be required to undergo a period of quarantine as determined by the Veterinary personnel at port of entry. While in quarantine the animal may be tested for any disease that may be deemed fit at the expense of the importer.
  8. All imports must adhere to post entry guidelines which requires that the animal (s) move directly to the point of final destination (providing no quarantine is required), and all disposable material accompanying the import are discarded in a manner that prevents the possible spread of disease.


  1. Animals entering Guyana attracts duty at all Ports of Entry. The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) can be contacted to ascertain this information.
  2. In cases where animals are transiting through TRINIDAD and TOBAGO then an INTRANSIT permit is needed from the Veterinary Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, processing of which takes approximately 4 (four) working days. All necessary arrangements are made through the Airline for the TRANSIT through Trinidad & Tobago.
  3. Inspection of animals transiting through TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO is done from MONDAY to FRIDAY (no inspection is done on holidays).
  1. For animal(s) departing Guyana, animal owners are advised to have a broker prepare the customs entry through the Guyana revenue authority.
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