Over $1.5B invested to construct drainage structures, high-level sluices in Region Six

Significant investments totalling over $1.5 billion are being made in several communities in Region Six to enhance drainage infrastructure and construct high-level sluices. These efforts aim to bolster flood resilience and provide farmers with better opportunities to increase agricultural output.

Construction will soon commence on new drainage structures in No. 49 and No. 31 villages in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, each costing an estimated $26.3 million.

A section of the Hope-like canal

Additionally, residents and farmers in No. 51 and 52 Villages, as well as Whim/Lancaster, will benefit from the construction of two high-level sluices for the Hope-like canals in these areas.

The projects are budgeted at approximately $900,079,530 and $577,102,470, respectively.

With preparatory works completed, construction on the canals is set to begin shortly. These canals, excavated along the Corentyne Coast, will ensure adequate drainage and irrigation for farmers during the rainy season, significantly improving agricultural conditions.