Systems being put in place to address flooding in Region Six

Region Six officials are working aggressively to ensure that all systems are in place to help farmers alleviate the loss of their crops and livestock as the rainy season approaches.

Acknowledging that heavy rains have recently started within the region, Regional Chairman David Armogan explained that some areas have already started to flood.

“They [the meteorologists] are predicting heavy rainfalls. In fact, this morning we had heavy rainfalls in the Skeldon area and some persons have called me to complain that they have already been flooded,” Armogan stated.

One of the new pumps that was recently installed in New Amsterdam

The chair was at the time speaking during a recent interview which was posted on his Facebook page.

He added that the current system in the region is geared at taking off about an inch and a half of water within 24 hours.

However, with an increase in rain, his office has since engaged all the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) which have the mandate of ensuring that all the possible drains and trenches are constantly cleaned to facilitate proper drainage and irrigation.

“We are putting systems in place. We are trying to make sure that all the drainage systems are cleared…We also have many pumps set up in many places. So, once the tide changes and even if the areas are flooded, we will use the pumps. And all of them pumps are functioning in the right manner,” the regional official assured.  

A pump station in Region Six

Meanwhile, Armogan said that he recognised that some of the outfalls in the region have been clogged due to the prolonged dry season last year and asserted that they will be unclogged during this suitable rainy period.

“We cannot start the cleaning of the outfalls unless we have rainfalls because we will have siltation again and that will be another expense. So, with this intensity of rain, we will soon start to clean them,” the chairman explained.

He disclosed that the contracts to clean these outfalls have already been awarded, however, the contractors are awaiting the ‘go-ahead’ from the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDMIA) which will be anytime soon.