Guyana is blossoming into self sufficiency with a keen financial plan – Min. Mustapha

Guyana is blossoming into one of the most self sufficient country as the government’s financial plan continues to pave the way for a series of sustainable developmental projects.

This was robustly asserted by Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during another community outreach to Region Six on Tuesday where he engaged residents of Chesney, Belvedere and Williamsburg.

He educated them on the plethora of benefits that exist in the 2024 budget.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during the outreach to Region Six

This budget of $1.146 trillion ensures that we move Guyana. Our country today is one of the fastest growing economy. If you look right here in Berbice, hundreds of community roads are being built and why? Because we want to change the infrastructure,” the minister stated.

He further pointed out that other sustainable projects include the construction of state-of-the-art hospitals across the country, the investment in agriculture as it pertains to hydroponics and other aquaculture initiatives, the building of schools and the creation of jobs such as the National Pathway Workers Programme.

Residents of Williamsburg, Region Six during the community outreach and engagement

According to the minister, these measures which were put in place by the government over the last three years is greatly impacting the lives of citizens.

Minister Mustapha recollected the  interventions that were made in the budget to continue this progress.

Residents during the community engagement at Chesney, Region Six

This, he said, includes the increase of the Because We Care Cash grant from $40,000 to $45,000, the voucher for spectacles project and testing for cervical cancer and the small business grant among other major initiatives to ease burden of cost of living on residents.

“From the investments that we are making, we are trying to improve the vulnerable section of the population so as to bring benefits to the citizens. And that has been a hallmark of our government. So, when we have a budget this huge then it means there are benefits for every single Guyanese,” the agriculture minister stressed.

Additionally, the minister stated that although Guyana is an oil producing nation the country’s non-oil sectors are what has been majorly contributing to its rapid development. Overall, he said that the country’s economy grew by 37 per cent in 2023.

Minister described this as a monumental achievement while noting that other countries are making Guyana an exemplary state of which they can learn from.

Moreover, during the outreach the residents were allowed to raise their concerns for the various authorities to hear so that they can work collectively to fix the issues affecting the citizens.