Guyanese hail the Farmer’s Market Day as a success

Guyanese who visited the Farmer’s Market which was held on Saturday are praising the government for collaborating with the Guyana Police Force to host the initiative aimed at boosting Guyana’s food security and food production drive.

The event was held at the Eve Leary Police Sports Ground, Georgetown and saw consumers flooding the gates.

Scores of consumers taking advantage of the competitive prices.

This event also gathered stakeholders from across the regions to take advantage of the fresh agricultural produce at unbeatable prices.

The atmosphere was charged as consumers gathered at stalls purchasing fresh produce, and filling their market baskets and bags.

Owner of Local Wine, Abigail John, told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that her travel from Buxton, East Coast Demerara is always worth it. She stated she is a ‘veteran’ participant in the initiative.

Abigail John educating Minister Mustapha on her wine products

“Everywhere Farmers Market is announced, I am always there. I was anxiously waiting for this because I did not sleep because of the impact it had. People come here and they get to taste the product first-hand. We engage with people from all over. We network with business owners, small business owners and my network has been growing since,” John stated.

Owner of Local Wine, Abigail John

She further shared that direct interaction is one of the most favourable parts of her experience as an agro-processor and usually results in a sold-out stall.

“This is a phenomenal experience for Agro-processors and farmers. It gives busy patrons the time to come and interact with us, and get to know who is the person behind the product. We walk away with little to nothing at the end of this farmer’s market. I am very thankful for this initiative” told DPI.

Linden’s herbal tea manufacturer, Shane Barnes shares similar sentiments stating government has opened a platform that allows for local produce to be recognised internationally.

“It is a good initiative. It offers more credibility to the agro-processors given that the government is paying more attention to that direction. Persons will have their products to certain standards even to the international market it becomes more recognisable. They would not be trying to promote the market on their strength and so government intervention in that direction will help agro-processors to grow and expand their businesses,” Barnes underlined.

Ameer and his team showcasing their produce

Meanwhile, Local farmer, Ameer Rahim, hailing from Blairmount Rosignol, West Berbice praised the initiative revealing that it has offered a solution to the pricing problems local farmers are facing.

“This initiative is very good because the farmers can come directly to the market to sell their produce. We have been having that problem where we are selling that produce to wholesalers and we are not getting good prices” Rahim disclosed.

Local farmer, Ameer Rahim

Meanwhile, first-time shopper Michael Sutton said he could not have missed this opportunity as he waited at the gates since 4:30 AM for the gates to open. He articulated that this was a comfortable shopping experience free from the ordinary market hassle.

First time shopper Michael Sutton with his “second load” of shopping bags.

“It has been less hassle to go to the market. So, I think it is spectacular to be here and to have all the farmers selling their produce. It gives the ordinary man the opportunity that the things they can’t plant and the things they can’t go to the market every day for they come here and get everything in one area. It is a very good initiative,” he expressed.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, Commissioner of Police (ag), Clifton Hicken, Deputy Commissioner, Calvin Brutus and other officials engaged with stakeholders as they watched the event unfold.

The government will be hosting several more Farmers’ Market in the upcoming weeks across the nation.