Lusignan farmers’ market successful

Scores of East Coast Demerara, residents flocked the Lusignan Market on Sunday to take advantage of the farm fresh produce being sold at affordable prices, as the Ministry of Agriculture hosted yet another Farmers’ Market.

Abigail John and a customer

Deputy General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board, Kuldip Ragnauth explained to the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the Framers’ Markets are planned for the entire month of October as part of Agriculture Month activities.

Vendors and patrons at the market

“The purpose is to one give local producers and opportunity to come and sell their products directly into the market. Some producers, some farmers would normally sell to wholesalers, hucksters and then the hucksters bring it to the market and resell. In this case, the producers and the farmers, they are getting the opportunity to come and sell their products on the market. The other objective is to allow the consumers to get the commodities, the products at a lower price,” he stated.

Rice being sold at the market

He explained that the Market was scheduled to begin at 6 hours, however, patrons were present to make purchases as early as 5 hours.

“It didn’t take ten minutes for all the milk to be sold. Now, you see the chicken from new GMC is being sold from the trucks. The eggs…are also selling… We have GLDA…selling the meat… So, the sale has been excellent,” Ragnauth stated.

Preparing meat for sale

Also speaking with DPI was Selwin Anthony of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) who noted that the prices are reasonable have attracted the interests from a number of customers.

“We are selling mutton at 1200 dollars per pound. They are in two-pound parcels. Then, we have the beef which is going for 500 dollars a pound. We have them in 5-pound packets. We have the port at 500 dollars per pound. So, we have prepacked them in 5-pound packages. So, the prices are fairly good,” Anthony noted.

Selwin Anthony

Vendor Abigail John of Buxton was excited to be part of the activity.

“This is my second year at farmers market and I was so anxious to be here last week was at albion and this week as you can see I’m here at Lusignan. My second year, I touched down here at 4:20, my first sale was at 5:20 so I’m enjoying myself right now,” she told DPI.

“Th  e people are enjoying coming and getting things reasonable because, we know t he cost of living right now is very high and government is just trying to help out the situation with people. I glad if they could go to various markets around the country,” said Randy Abrams, who visited the market t take advantage to the reduced prices.

“Today is the first time I actually coming to the market. I got the flyer sent to my phone and I said, you know what, go check it out. So, today is the first time actually coming to it. So far, the prices are much affordable. I like it,” said Strifeana Abrams another consumer.

Patrons at the Farmers Market at Lusignan

Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Gillian Smith was also at the Farmers’ Market.

“I’m really happy to be here this morning. I have bought myself some fresh food and I think it’s really nice to see the excitement with the framers and people who are buying as well and of course we are always putting our plug as the FAO, buy local,” she told DPI.

The Farmers Market

Several more Farmers’ Markets are planned for the coming weeks at different parts of the country.