Cane Grove farmers to access new systems to boost agriculture production

A number of systems are being put in place to improve agricultural activities and production for residents, specifically farmers residing in the community of Cane Grove, Region Four.

On Saturday, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha along with his technical team visited the community, where a number of matters pertaining to agriculture were highlighted during a consultation, at the Virginia Primary School.

Concerns raised include the even distribution of agricultural materials to farmers, drainage and irrigation, and cattle rustling.

A farming raising his concern during the meeting

With the government having a strict policy for inclusivity and equality, Minister Mustapha charged farmers to desist from being involved in deceitful actions.

“I will ask NAREI who is responsible for these farmers’ groups across the country to come here, invite the community, invite members of the groups, invite all those persons who want to be in the group, and ensure that they hold an election,” the minister stated. 

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha addressing the Cane Grove farmers

As it relates to the cleaning of canals, Minister Mustapha encouraged persons in receipt of brush cutters to submit bids for the project.

“We will do out a tender for mechanical cleaning and we will get the machines to clean the canal, then we will retender it for people to do manual and maintenance,” the agriculture minister outlined.

Further, the minister also stated that he would engage the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to investigate persons to ease the cattle rustling in the village.

He also encouraged farmers to create rangers to overlook the pastures where the cattle usually graze.

As he emphasised the ongoing developmental works and transformation that has been in the country, the minister urged the farmers to work along with the government, noting that everything is for their benefit.