Region Six receive black giant chicks to boost production

Some 120 residents from several communities in Region Six each received 20 black giant chickens to help them become self-sufficient, and increase their poultry output. 

The distribution exercise was held at the ministry’s sub-office at Tarlogie, along the Corentyne Coast, on Saturday.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha

Beneficiaries who spoke with the Department of Public Information (DPI) eagerly expressed their readiness to undertake the initiative to support their families.

One resident, Malika Caesar welcomed the distribution exercise, noting that this is the first time she will be rearing these types of birds and the earnings will do well for her family.

Beneficiary, Malika Caesar

“We normally rear other types of chicken. But this is the first time we will be rearing black giant chickens,” an elated Caesar stated.

Yudhisthir Drepaul is happy about the support from the government, noting that it will help him restart his business since he used to rear black giant chicks years ago.

Black giant chickens

Another beneficiary, Lakeram Khemraj said he is happy to be a part of the government’s agriculture development drive.

“I feel very good since this is the first time I will be rearing black giant chickens. The guy speaks about how we should look after it and this will be very good,” Khemraj told DPI.

Beneficiary, Zameer Ameer Ali

Similarly, Jagdi Shamdhary lauded the timely gesture and added that he would adhere to all the instructions provided by the ministry to increase his production.

Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha to the farmers that the government will keep making investments in the agriculture industry by implementing developmental programmes for its growth.

Beneficiary, Arman Khan

“We are already self-sufficient in producing all the poultry needs. What we are doing now is for us to be a net exporter. We want to produce more so we can export in the Caribbean… In the agriculture sector, we are seeing rapid development taking place,” the minister pointed out.

The black giant is a sizable dual-purpose bird that can produce up to 200 eggs and roughly 4.5 kilograms of meat annually.

Distribution of black giant chickens exercise in Region Six

Almost 52,000 chickens were distributed across the hinterland regions and other parts of the country. Approximately four farmers also received broilers to maximise their productivity.

The minister was joined by the ministry’s Director General, Madanlall Ramraj, NAREI’s Chief Executive Officer, Jagnarine Singh, Guyana Livestock and Development Authority’s (GLDA) CEO, Dr Dwight Walrond, National Drainage and Irrigation Authority CEO, Lionel Wordsworth, Regional Chairman, David Armogan and other officials.