Gov’t advancing use of tissue culture farming technique – Min. Mustapha

The government’s proactive stance in advancing agricultural practices has already shown remarkable success through the implementation of various innovative techniques.

Building upon this momentum, the administration continues to push for the adoption of the tissue culture method within the agriculture sector, which will bring about a multitude of benefits to Guyana, specifically farmers.

Crops being grown using the hydroponic method

Speaking at an outreach in Region Five Saturday last, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha reminded a large group of agriculturists, that the government has already signed an agreement with an Indian firm to advance the farming technique locally. 

“So, when we plant these crops, we can produce them on a larger scale. Instead of producing hundreds of plants, we can produce millions of plants,” the agriculture minister explained.

Research has indicated that the biological research methodology involves the delicate process of transferring tissue fragments from animals or plants into a controlled artificial environment.

With the safe farming technology being implemented here, farmers will be able to produce more disease-free plants, making it healthy for consumers and the larger Guyanese population.

Crops being grown in shade houses

Minister Mustapha stated that the government is hoping to end its consultation with its foreign counterparts by next year, and will be able to provide the local stakeholders with the necessary responses and information.  

With Guyana becoming the centre of food production for the Caribbean and wider afield, the government has been engaging several international partners who are experienced in the food industry.

The steady development of new techniques locally is already modernising the agriculture sector. Some of the methods include the use of shade houses and hydroponics.