Berbice Grinding Estates surpass weekly production targets

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is pleased to state that the Albion/Port Mourant Estate and Blairmont Estate have leveraged the good weather conditions over the last seven days to surpass their weekly sugar production target, during the week ending July 29, 2023, by 12 per cent.

The second Crop of 2023 is in its second week of production and it is reassuring that the respective teams on the Estates have harnessed a number of strategies to boost the turnout and unleash the potential of the new equipment bought by the Government of Guyana since December 2020.

These operational interventions, coupled with good weather played a major role in allowing the two Estates to surpass their weekly target. This good news will boost the income from the members of the sugar fraternity in Berbice as all the workers at those Estates will secure additional remuneration with the weekly performance incentive.

Estate Manager Yudhisthira Mana at Albion/Port Mourant said the achievement was possible due to mainly the better turnout of workers.  The Estate Team will be visiting the villages to keep the workers and their families updated on the opportunities in the industry.  One such visit was conducted on July 25, 2023, in the villages of Manchester, Lancaster, and Liverpool with the workers union.

Threbhowan Shiwprasad said the achievement was possible due to the better quality cane this crop compared to 2022 and better turnout by the workers.  The Estate team visited Bath Settlement on July 28, 2023, to interact with the families of workers and to encourage better turnout.

Qualified workers who worked 80 percent or more days available for that week will benefit from another weekly production incentive scheme, which allows tax-free incentives when an estate achieves its weekly production target. The first crop of 2023 production target was surpassed and the second crop target is expected to push the annual production over 60,000 MT.

The Executive Management congratulates the management and workers of these two Berbice Estates and urges all grinding estates to strive towards achieving the weekly production incentive. The Executive Management also implores workers to remain focused and committed to consistently achieving their weekly targets, as every effort is being made to support the efforts collectively to exploit the opportunity with better weather during this period.

Additionally, all hands are on deck to complete the final adjustments to the Rose Hall Factory as the Corporation prepares to commence grinding of sugar in mid-September 2023.