Mainstay farmers to cultivate 80 acres of land to bolster food security

The government has initiated a promising campaign to support local farmers which would see them cultivating 80 acres of land as part of its food security initiative in a bid to reduce the country’s reliance on imported food by 25% through 2025.

As part of this presidential initiative, Mainstay, a village in Region Two renowned for its agricultural potential, has been selected to participate in the programme.

Farmers from Mainstay Village, Region Two hold up the various items that will be cultivated on their respective acres of lands

In collaboration with the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), Mainstay farmers are gearing up to transform the land into a thriving hub of diverse crops.

With the generous support of NAREI, 16 dedicated farmers from the Mainstay community have been assigned an equitable share of the land.

Each farmer will cultivate approximately 5 acres, enabling them to expand their agricultural activities and contribute significantly to the nation’s food production. The ambitious project aims to diversify the range of crops grown in the region and boost the local economy.

Farmers from Mainstay inspect the various plants to be used for the exercise

The farmers have embraced this opportunity to introduce a wide variety of crops to the fertile land, including orange, lime, lemon and cherries. By planting these diverse crops, the farmers hope to not only meet the demands of the domestic market but also explore potential avenues for export, strengthening Guyana’s position in the global agricultural industry.

As the project unfolds, the farmers are determined to maximise their yields through innovative farming practices and the guidance provided by NAREI. They are committed to implementing efficient irrigation techniques, adopting environmentally friendly methods, and engaging in continuous learning to enhance productivity and quality.