‘Ready’ Caribbean markets available for Guyana’s produce

Caribbean countries including Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Antigua and Barbuda have heightened their interest to purchase fresh produce from Guyana.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during a meeting in Ann’s Grove on Tuesday reaffirmed the government’s commitment to finding markets for farmers’ produce. 

The government has been working closely with the countries to export local produce.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha interacting with farmers

“They want all the fresh produce from Guyana to go across there. So, there are ready markets in the Caribbean for farmers’ produce. We are working now and meeting with them to remove all the non-tariff barriers that used to cause our products not to go into the markets,” Minister Mustapha pointed out.

The minister said the government stands ready to support the farmers to accomplish this goal.  

“GMC (Guyana Marketing Corporation) has an obligation to help the farmers to get markets for their produce.

“We have to work with the farmers. There are enough markets out there for our farmers and we will work with you to find markets. We will work with you to develop your areas to have better infrastructure so that you could produce more,” he added.

Farming inputs were distributed to Ann’s Grove farmers to expand productivity.

Farmers at a recent meeting in Ann’s Grove

The government is ensuring that policies and programmes are implemented to bring relief to farmers throughout the country, as part of its aim to diversify the sector.

The administration is ensuring that farmers across the country benefit from farming implements, machinery, improved access to drainage and irrigation and farmlands, technical training, and farm-to-market roads.

Farmers at a recent meeting in Ann’s Grove

The mechanism will help to increase food output and enhance food security, which will be advantageous to farmers and the nation as a whole.

Since assuming office in August 2020, the government has injected billions of dollars into the agriculture sector.