Gov’t to secure broiler breeder facility to reduce importing eggs

As part of its aggressive efforts to reduce dependency on the importation of hatching eggs, the government will be investing in a broiler breeder facility this year to bolster the poultry industry.

The facility will greatly aid poultry production since Guyana is importing approximately 52 million eggs each year at a cost of some $350 million. The move by the government will help to support the local poultry sector and increase productivity.

Eggs in a hatching incubator

The initiative will guarantee hatching eggs are produced sustainably both locally and eventually for the export market.

The move is in keeping with the government’s commitment to ensure food security and increased agriculture production in keeping with its goal to reduce CARICOM’s food import bill by 25 per cent by 2025.

The government has begun working with large poultry producers in a consortium to produce corn and soya for feed production to support the poultry industry. This is part of the administration’s plan for Guyana to become self-sufficient, as the country combats rising food prices and supply shortages.

The government continues to invest in the agriculture sector by implementing several agricultural initiatives to expand and develop the sector.

As such, the government will continue to assist the agriculture industry by making investments to enhance the production and variety of mutton, create a bio-secure small ruminant breeding facility, and help improve sanitation and hygiene standards for milk and milk products.

The livestock industry remains vital to the government’s agenda for enhanced food security, sustainable economic growth, and enhanced farm incomes.

Some $28.7 billion was allocated in the 2023 budget to ensure the rapid growth and development of Guyana’s agricultural sector.