Region One farmers benefit from much-needed inputs to push production

Today, farmers from various farmers’ groups from Moruca, Region One (Barima – Waini) benefitted from a number of inputs to boost their productive capacity.

Agriculture Minister, Honourable Zulfikar Mustapha, along with other officials from the ministry visited the region to distribute the items.

Prior to today’s visit, Minister Mustapha had visited several villages in the region to meet with farmers. During that engagement, farmers requested assistance with scaling up their production.

While engaging the farmers today, Minister Mustapha said that the government was determined to ensure farmers in remote areas of the country benefit from the same resources and services offered to farmers on the Coast.

“Today, I am here to deliver on a promise made to you, the farmers. When I was here a few months ago, many of you made requests for farming inputs to take your production to another level. As a government, we want to ensure our farmers have the necessary resources to produce. We want farmers in rural areas to benefit from the same services offered to farmers on the Coast. That is why we continue to make budgetary allocations to develop the sector. This government has been delivering on all of its promises and we will continue to do so because we want to improve the welfare of every citizen in this country,” the minister noted.

During Minister Mustapha’s last visit, farmers made requests for assistance with farming tools, shadehouse material, Acoushi Ants bait, seeds, and seedlings.

Minister Mustapha also said, in addition to the inputs, farmers will benefit from Black Giant chicks to boost their productive capacity.

“We have a programme that we rolled out in hinterland communities where every household will receive Black Giant chicks to help you increase your production. The programme has already started. We already distributed 587 birds and today we’ll distribute another 2,000. This programme will continue until every household benefits. There were also some swine organizations that said they needed assistance with boosting their production. We distributed those piglets a few weeks ago,” he added.

Today’s donation comprised a fogging machine, cutlasses, files, spades, water cans, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, grass cutters, spray cans, and shadehouse materials.

Minister Mustapha also distributed toys to children from the villages.