Remaining black belly sheep to arrive from Barbados within two weeks – Min. Mustapha

With the PPP/C Government’s vigorous efforts to develop the livestock sector, some $177.7 million was allocated to offer extra funding for the promising Black Belly Sheep Project. 

Black Belly Sheep

During a community outreach at Enmore Community Centre, Minister Mustapha disclosed that the remaining black belly sheep from the 1000 will arrive from Barbados within two weeks.

He noted that the ship is scheduled to leave Guyana, on Saturday, for the sheep. 

Minister Mustapha said, “Very shortly, in two weeks, we will receive the entire set of sheep from Barbados to start that programme that the President launched a few months back at the MMA scheme.” 

This undertaking will also see Guyana integrally involved in the move to reduce CARICOM’s food import bill by 25 per cent by 2025. 

Minister Mustapha stated, “We want all of the sectors in the country to be robust. We want all sectors to be sustainable and all the sectors to be performing.”

Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha

The first flock of black belly sheep arrived on August 4, which saw a total of 132 sheep, which included 20 rams and 112 ewes.

The breed is mainly reared for meat and by-products that are in high demand. 

Back in August, Minister Mustapha highlighted that Guyana has enough land, the ideal climate, and all other prerequisites for increasing the production of black belly sheep.

Fifty per cent of the sheep was given to farmers around the country, 30 per cent to women, and another 20 per cent to young people,  Minister Mustapha noted.

On March 27, President Dr Irfaan Ali launched the project in Region Five.

With Region Five being Guyana’s largest livestock producer, the president stated that it could become the livestock capital of the Caribbean Community. 

The proposal also fits in with President Ali’s ‘One Guyana’ agenda.  Even in the face of the profitable oil and gas sector, the administration is leading several initiatives to increase production and diversify the economy.