Honey flow season

The Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) during the past week, has seen an increase in bee attacks from wild colonies, resulting in one fatality and numerous hospitalisations.

The GLDA in collaboration with Apiculturists of Guyana, has embarked on a National Capture and Redistribution of these wild swarms.

The exercise commenced during the first quarter of 2022 and saw the removal of more than 126 wild colonies.

As a government agency, we will continue to address this issue of wild colonies within residential areas.

We are therefore encouraging residents and the various National Democratic Councils (NDC) to remove all derelict vehicles, equipment, and other forms of garbage that may provide housing for bees.

The recent increase in attacks can be attributed to the fact that the honey flow season is currently on and the bees are very protective of their colonies.

Residents, farmers, and other citizens should approach suspected colonies with caution. An increase in bees around your lights at night is an indication that there is a hive of bees nearby.

The capture and removal of bees are currently being done free of cost by the Government of Guyana through GLDA and the various RDCs.

Please feel free to contact our office on telephone number 220-6556, or our officers Lashon Thomas at 620-3125, Ferlin Narine at 620-2970, Ava Klass at 620-3002, Joel Dilchand at 620-3116, Shellon David at 620-3123, and Demelza Nicholas at 620-2993.