Youths urged to take on hydrometeorology to help fight climate change

Guyanese youths are being encouraged to explore career opportunities in hydrometeorology as it will allow them to contribute to the fight against climate change and ensure the nation becomes resilient towards its effects.

This call was made by Chief Hydrometeorology Officer, Dr Garvin Cummings, at a career fair hosted on Wednesday in observance of the hydromet office’s 57th anniversary.

Chief Hydrometeorology Officer, Dr Garvin Cummings

According to Dr Cummings, there is always a staff shortage at the hydromet office.

“Being educated, being trained, having a career in meteorology really allows you to make a contribution to the global trust to ensure that our country, our nations are resilient, we are equipped and we can adapt to climate change,” he said.

The chief hydromet officer’s call ties in with the government’s effort to involve more youths in the field of agriculture, while becoming climate resilient in terms of agriculture.

The career fair sought to highlight the work of the hydrometeorology service and inform youths of the opportunities available.

Meanwhile, tremendous progress has been made over the last 57 years in estimating the weather patterns in Guyana.  The range of services provided by the agency has also expanded.

“We have moved from conventional traditional type of observations and instrumentation to automated systems now where we have a network of stations that records and reports weather information almost in real time.

PC Students observing some of the services being offered

“Historically, we’ve had stations where somebody had to go out there and observe and record and report and that report was not in real time perhaps at the end of the day, at the end of the week, month perhaps […] now we can have that data in almost near real time,” he stated.

The event formed part of activities to mark Agriculture Month which is being held under the theme “Championing Food Security through Innovation, Investment, and Resilience.”