Over $160M in contracts awarded to several agencies under Agri Ministry

Several agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday signed contracts valued at $161,722,032 to further their development works.

A contract valued $25,508,582 was signed between the ministry and Supreme Contracting and Supplies for the construction of a processing facility at White Water Creek, Region One, for the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC).

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha and contractors

Details of the contract state that the facility will ensure products secure larger market access.

E&A Consultant was also awarded a $ 21,064,000 contract for consultancy service supervision of the Charity Pump station, under the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

The project is expected to reduce flooding for approximately 400 families and farmers through the draining of 200 acres of farmlands for cultivation of cash crops, and the replacement of two mobile pumps in the area.

Meanwhile, contracting company CEMO Inc, also signed a contract valued $18, 549,450 for consultancy service supervision for the construction of an A-Line Sluice. This will enhance monitoring of projects and implementation timeline.  Approximately 3,000 acres of residential and farmlands for cash crops and rice in Versailles and Canal No. 1 Polder will benefit.

Cyril Singh Agricultural Enterprise Inc was awarded $96,600,000 for the supply and delivery of fertiliser to the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI).

Supreme contractors signing of contract

Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha implored contractors to execute their jobs within the specified timeline.

“This is our work programme that we’ve been executing over the last few months, and I want contractors to ensure that they do the work according to the specifications and to execute it on a timely basis.  

“The agriculture sector is moving and moving rapidly. You are the stakeholders, you are the people who are helping us, so to speak to execute the work. At the same time, you are earning but we want to form that partnership where we can have this work done on a timely basis,” he stated.