Rosehall, Blairmont estates to get major upgrades – as close to $500M in contracts signed for agri sector

Twelve contracts worth close to $500 million were signed on Friday, to boost the development of the country’s agriculture sector.

Nine of the contracts will see major improvements at the Rose Hall and Blairmont sugar estates, to fast-track the government’s efforts to ensure the facilities resume production as soon as possible.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, M.P

Rehabilitative works ranging from pre-milling and milling roofs and structures, boiler house roof, delivery of mill rollers, retubing evaporators, mobile lighting towers, articulated agriculture tractors, and others are expected to be undertaken at these estates.

Another contract will see the purchase of two boats and engines to assist 500 farmers in 30 riverine communities with transportation, while the other will be used by the St Dominique Women’s Group to transport ginger in bulk quantity.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, M.P, who witnessed the signing, said the investment demonstrates government’s intention to boost Guyana’s economy and sustainable food security. 

He said agriculture is one of the most important sectors to help push the country’s economic status and as such, government will continue to invest to restore Guyana’s role as the ‘breadbasket of the Caribbean’.

“Since we have reassumed office in August 2020, we have seen budget allocation being increased annually and millions of dollars have been expended over the last 20 months to put back the agriculture sector to the where it was before 2015,” Minister Mustapha told the contractors.

He pointed out that the recently concluded Agri-investment Forum was one of the many ventures taken to reinvigorate investors’ interest in the country’s agriculture sector.

“So, we are moving and moving rapidly, and I think that several investors now are knocking on the door of Guyana to come and invest in Guyana and the Caribbean following our successful agri-investment forum and sector.”

To this end, he urged contractors to achieve the works outlined within their contractual agreement, especially works for the estates.

“I want you to comply with the time because we have time to reopen these estates, and also to put critical capital investment in the operating estates,” the minister said.

Earlier this month, the ministry handed over five new tilling machines valued $100 million to assist with the preparation process for sugar cane cultivation at the Rose Hall estate. These steps bring government one step closer to achieving its vision to reopen the sugar estates to recommence sugar production in Guyana.