Farmers market for Albion – promises reduced prices, wide variety of products

The Ministry of Agriculture will be taking its farmers’ market initiative to the Albion Sport Complex, East Berbice Corentyne (Region Six) this Sunday.

Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha said the event is being organised to allow consumers to benefit from organically grown fruits, vegetables and other commodities, while local farmers will be able to sell their produce in large quantity and receive higher sales.

The Ministry of Agriculture will be taking the Farmers’ Market to Albion, Corentyne

“This came about because we are finding that middle men are buying the goods, vegetables and products from these people and go to the market and put a high mark up.

“Over the last few months, what we have noticed is that the price for vegetables and other commodities have skyrocketed, so we want to put this measure in place,” Minister Mustapha underscored.

Additionally, he emphasised that this approach is part of a wider strategic plan outlined in budget 2022, as the government advances efforts to reduce the cost of food commodities.

“We are working to bring down the cost of products. We can organise these markets on a monthly basis across the country,” the Agriculture Minister reiterated.

The first farmers’ market which was hosted at the Lusignan market tarmac, on February 20, saw major success, as consumers, farmers and agro-processors came out in their numbers to participate in the event. 

Some of the items that will be sold at the farmers’ market set for Sunday, at the Albion Sport Complex, Corentyne.

“This is not a one-off event. What we are doing from the ministry’s point of view, we are starting these markets and hoping that it will continue and our extension officers are working with the farmers and other stakeholders, so that we can have it regularly,” he noted.

On Sunday, consumers will be able to purchase a pound of beef for $400, chicken at $280 to $300 per pound, fresh milk at $80 a pint, plantain at $140 to $160 per pound, eddoes at $60 to $80 a pound and a tray of eggs for $650 to $700.

Minister Mustapha said he anticipates a bigger turnout at the Berbice leg of the event. He has called on Berbicians to come out and take advantage of the exercise.