NDIA never directed contractors to source pumps, other equipment from specific supplier

‘Small Party’ online statement filled with blatant misinformation 

The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), in exercising its mandate to deliver quality drainage and irrigation services to farming communities across the country, has been working with various contractors and consultants to ensure drainage and irrigation works are executed to a specified standard across the country.

These standards are in place to ensure beneficiaries of these interventions receive the most benefit and taxpayers’ dollars are used sensibly.

Contrary to what was perpetrated by one of the country’s small political parties in an online post dated February 8, 2022, the NDIA has never engaged in the practice of directing companies awarded project contracts to purchase pumps or other materials and equipment from a particular source.

As is customary and required by law, NDIA has, in the past and present, issued advertisements of tenders for the construction of pump stations around the country. Successful bidders are then obligated to work with the project consultants in putting forward designs in accordance with the specifications outlined in the contract. Once these specifications are met, a “No Objection” is issued by the NDIA. However, in some instances, more due diligence is done by the drainage authority.

Recently some contractors made recommendations to procure pumps from the Morrison Pump Company. In an effort to ensure this manufacturer was an experienced and authentic supplier of drainage pumps, the NDIA engaged the Guyana Consulate in Florida. It was later revelated that the company in question was not defunct but was an active unit of Patterson Pump Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gorman-Rupp companies.

In addition to the supply and installation of these pumps, each contract provides for the testing of pumps at facilities of the manufacturing company by qualified officials from the NDIA.

The online post also went on to mention that NDIA’s Chief Executive Officer (ag) proceeded on leave in an effort to avoid approving the use of these pumps. The CEO (ag.), like any other public servant, is entitled to annual leave and would have issued a no-objection following the consultant’s recommendation before proceeding on leave.   

As it relates to the India Line of Credit pumps, on August 6th, 2018, the NDIA signed a US$3,602,014 contract with Apollo International Limited for them to supply twelve (12) new pumps (nine (9) fixed pumps and three (3) mobile pumps) to compliment the country’s drainage capacity.

The pumps arrived in Guyana and were assembled and installed by the Apollo team. Before installation, some amount of inspection and testing was done to ensure that the pumps satisfied the required specifications and efficiency.

However, to date, those pumps have remained inactive as they continue to develop mechanical issues. As such, the NDIA has written to the Indian High Commissioner to Guyana on the matter as well as engaged Apollo International Limited to resolve these issues. At present, the matter is engaging the attention of the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs.