Over $977 M to stimulate livestock industry in 2022 – Minister Mustapha

The budgetary allocation to the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) for this year, will enable local producers to benefit from the increasing demand for meat from thriving oil and gas companies, as well as other local businesses.

Budget 2022 allocates $977.3 million to GLDA, an increase of $171 million, to enhance service and productivity across Guyana.

Over $977M to stimulate livestock industry in 2022

“To be able to access the emerging markets, especially the high-end supermarkets, hotels, mining sector, and foreign oil companies, a certified production chain is required,” Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha, M.P, underscored during an interview on Tuesday.

The minister said GLDA, in collaboration with the Guyana Food Safety Authority, has begun the design and development of an animal traceability system. The initiative will be advanced this year.  

“The system is fundamental to meeting food safety standards and farm certification and will help to promote exports,” he added.

The agriculture ministry will partner with the private sector this year, to establish a swine facility with ISO standards for breeding pigs.

The authority will spend $9 million to construct a modern bio-secure swine facility to increase production and advance the value chain of pork, and contribute substantially to food security.

“…this will see a 50 per cent increase in pork production to replace imports. With the onset of the African Swine Fever causing devasting global production, we see this as an opportunity for the transformation of the local pig industry for better-standardised production systems and biosecurity,” Minister Mustapha explained.  

Meat birds being reared by a local farmer

Another $8 million will be invested for a grass-legume pelletiser to build continued resilience to climate changes. This will ensure animal feed is available in times of flood and drought.

“We are presently supplying only 28 per cent of the black giant poultry market. In 2022, we will expand this initiative with a $5 million investment for housing facility for boilers and breeders. This will benefit over 2000 households in hinterland communities across Guyana,” the agriculture minister pointed out.

He said pasture development will be a priority for the resuscitation of the dairy industry. The construction of the Cattle Abattoir at Onverwagt, Region Five will continue in 2022.

Meanwhile, a sum of $79.2 million is budgeted to the Guyana Food Safety Authority.

Minister Mustapha assured that strong emphasis will be placed on food inspection, enforcement processes, and control to strengthen Guyana’s food safety system and expand its export potential.