Farmers’ market coming to Region Six soon – Minister Mustapha

The Ministry of Agriculture will be partnering with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Six, to host a massive farmers’ market, which will allow entrepreneurs to better advertise and sell their produce.

The exercise intends to attract agriculturists, specifically cash crop farmers and agro-processors from across the district.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha M.P. addressing farmers and residents at the Maratraite community ground, East Bank Berbice, Region Six

During separate farmers’ meeting in communities along the East Bank of Berbice recently, Minister Zulfikar Mustapha said the RDC is currently looking for an appropriate venue for the event.

“…we will facilitate you; we will set out a place for you around the New Amsterdam area. We will advertise it well on a weekly basis. We could have a farmers’ market,” the minister noted.  

He said the initiative will also assist the ministry in properly organising farmers within the county.

The minister added that extension officers will continue to work with farmers to provide guidance related to the right farming techniques, among other integral areas.

Minister Mustapha explained that the farmers’ market will help reduce skyrocketing prices and will give farmers the opportunity to sell their produce at affordable costs.

“We were doing an analysis a few days back and when you look at the cost that the people are purchasing these things at the farm gate, and the market price, it is not the farmers who are making the money, it is the people who purchase from the farmers. 

They call it the ‘middleman’, so that is why I know for a fact that the farmers will not sell at that high price at the farmers’ market, but at least they will get a better price and the cost will not be high,” the minister explained.