Record-breaking second rice crop expected in Region Six – GRDB reports

-overall paddy production  projected at just under 1.1 million tonnes

With government’s swift intervention into Guyana’s rice industry, the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) has reported that rice production in the East Berbice- Corentyne (Region Six)  is expected to be a record-breaking one for the second crop of 2020.

While the paddy bug damage is pegged at about four to five per cent so far, approximately 20 per cent of the crop has been harvested across the country. Farmers are also reporting an increase in yields.

In Region Six, farmers are enjoying yields of 6.10 tonnes per hectare with about 25 per cent of the harvest completed to date.

President of the Rice Producers’ Association (RPA), Mr. Leakha Rambrich, said he anticipates an excellent and memorable harvesting period.

“Presently on the ground we have over 60,000 acres of rice to be harvested in the next two months. We have about eight per cent harvested in the region and the outlook in terms of quality is looking very good. I feel that this crop will be one of the best,” Mr. Rambrich said.

Important remedial works on damaged thoroughfare and other infrastructure will be completed, he added. This would allow them to respond appropriately if there is any adverse change in the  weather.

The prompt interventions follow visits to the region by Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Zulfikar Mustapha, who listened to the farmers concerns and committed to help.

Meanwhile, GRDB’s General Manager, Mr. Nizam Hassan noted that although  Region Six is leading the projections for the second crop, other rice producing regions are predicting an exceptional harvest.

Based on observations, Mr. Hassan disclosed that more than  500,000 tonnes of paddy is expected in the second crop. 

The GRDB’s Special Report stated that with just 20 per cent of harvest completed in Region Two, there is a record of 5.12 tonnes per hectare.

Region Four has a record of  6.2 tonnes per hectare. That amount is expected to increase once the harvest is completed in other areas including Cane Grove, Mahaica.

Further, with 10 per cent of the harvest recorded, Region Five is reporting a yield of 5.75 tonnes per hectare.

The GRBD says overall paddy production for the second crop 2020 is projected at just under 1.1 million tonnes.