World Teachers’ Day 2019 Message from the Ministers of Agriculture

With the theme for World Teachers’ Day 2019: “Young Teachers: The future of the Profession,” the Ministry of Agriculture would like to take time to recognize and honour the critical importance of all teachers, more specifically, the Agriculture Science teachers from all levels of education in Guyana.

From the time a child enters school, teachers have the great responsibility of conditioning the minds of Guyana’s youth to get involved in the sector and play their role in further developing agriculture in this great land of ours.

Government recognizes the great efforts each and every one of you put into making learning conducive for the nation’s budding agriculture practitioners, whether they venture into small or large scale farming, agriculture engineering, animal health, crop extension, agro-processing, hydrology or aquaculture.

Reaffirming the importance and value of teachers in the area of agriculture continues to be a mission of the Government of Guyana. Every year, budgetary allocations are made to the Ministry of Agriculture, with provisions made for our sectoral agencies to conduct Open Day exercises and School Tours to our facilities as part of our annual Agriculture Month activities. This is because we recognize that working hand in hand with Agriculture Science teachers helps to build interest of the sector among students in and out of the classroom.

I want to take this opportunity to also encourage all teachers to develop school gardens with their students, as they serve as environmental and agricultural educational tools. Such an activity would teach students about how things grow, live and die. It would also emulate government’s efforts to promote Food and Nutrition Security. This activity would expose students to food systems and production, as well as, health and sanitation concerns and the socio-economic aspects to Food and Nutrition Security.  Studies have also suggested that gardening in schools can help young students develop personally and socially by adding a practical dimension to these agricultural subjects.

The Ministry of Agriculture thanks you, our Agriculture Science teachers, for all that you do and the sacrifices you make to ensure agriculture in Guyana has well rounded individuals to further the country’s development and economic growth.

Happy World Teachers Day 2019!

Honourable Noel Holder, M.P.                                                    Honourable Valerie Adams-Yearwood, M.P.

Minister of Agriculture                                                                    Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture,

                                                                                                                   with responsibility for Rural Affairs