Ituni residents gear up to begin shade house project this week

; as part of agricultural development for Reg. 10


The Upper Demerara-Berbice Region, mostly known for being rich in bauxite, in 2019 has benefited from a budgetary allocation of GY $51,762,000 from Central Government to push agricultural development.

During a recent community meeting at the Howell Wilson Primary School in Ituni, Region 10, Regional Agricultural Officer Deryck Collins indicated that the projects are already underway to ensure the Region’s agricultural capabilities are recognized.

Rural Affairs Technical Officer and Region 10 Agricultural Officer, Deryk Collins

Region 10 Agricultural Officer, Deryk Collins

 “For the first time, agriculture has been added as a new programme head to the Regional Democratic Council’s annual projects. Priority will be given to the establishment of shade houses, seven of which will be established in secondary schools. The main objective is to increase agricultural production and output within the communities,” Mr. Collins said.

In addition to the establishment of shade houses, the project will also cater for a series of agricultural training exercises in proper animal husbandry for poultry and small ruminants and cash crops.

Rural Affairs Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Valerie Adams-Yearwood

Rural Affairs Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Valerie Adams-Yearwood

Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, with responsibility for Rural Affairs, Valerie Adams-Yearwood, while engaging residents indicated that she believes with proper training, they can increase their current production.

“Based on this interaction, I realize many of you have a genuine interest in agriculture.  With the proper training you can significantly increase your production. Once we have a group of you expressing your willingness to undergo training, I will make representation for that to become available free of cost to you,” Minister Adams-Yearwood said.


A section of the residents who attended the meeting

During the meeting, several persons indicated that they practice poultry rearing on a small scale but would appreciate the assistance of the Region and the Minister with facilitating training exercises.

As it pertains to the shade house projects, Mr Collins indicated that materials have already been purchased by the Region and can be made available to the residents in the coming week.

“If you are able to provide the labour, we can make the materials available to you as early as Tuesday. We need capable and responsible persons and once completed, the produce can be used to provide income to the community,” Mr. Collins said.

Furthermore, Minister Adams-Yearwood said that training in shade house practices will be provided to the residence.

“We will not just leave you with the materials. You will be given technical support for the construction, maintenance and proper shade house practices,” Minister Adams-Yearwood said.

A team from the Ministry and the Regional Office will return to the village during the course of the week to meet with members of the Community Development Council (CDC), which will be the executing body for the projects, to finalize details ahead of the commencement of the projects.