“I made a promise and I had to keep it!” Minister Adams-Yearwood

;Capoey farmers receive much needed farming tools

;women’s group to benefit from poultry and shadehouse training


Following a request made by several farmers of the Capoey Village in Region Two, who for years experienced a number of challenges, Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture with responsibility for Rural Affairs, Valerie Adams-Yearwood on Friday last handed over a number of farming equipment to assist farmers with their daily operations.

These requests were made by several farmers during a breakout village meeting which was part of the ‘Government comes to you’ initiative.

In addition to the requests made during the meeting, Toshao of the Capoey Village, Ralph Hendricks wrote Minister Adams-Yearwood detailing the number and type of tools needed.

Minister Adams-Yearwood pictured with the villagers and some of the donated gardening tools

Minister Adams-Yearwood pictured with the villagers and some of the donated gardening tools

Minister Adams-Yearwood, during the simple handing over ceremony, indicated that it was imperative that she delivered on the promise made during the outreach, as developing and encouraging agriculture in rural communities are a part of her mandate as Rural Affairs Minister.

“I made a promise to assist you with your daily agricultural activities by providing some tools. I immediately went back to the Ministry to source the equipment. So today, I am extremely happy to be able to deliver on that promise,” Minister Adams-Yearwood said.

The items, which were donated through a collaborative effort between the Ministry and Food for the Poor, comprised of gardening tools such as a mechanical tiller, a water pump, hand sprayers, hoes, forks, pickaxes, spades, cutlasses, files, long boots a wheelbarrow.

Toshao Raplel Hendricks

Toshao Raplel Hendricks

Toshao Ralph Hendricks, while expressing his appreciation for the donation, said that this was the first time a promise was made and kept to the community.

“This is the first time a Minister has come to our village and kept their promise. We are very thankful and I can assure you that we will take good care of the equipment and each villager will be able to benefit,” said Toshao Hendricks.

Ismay John, a farmer from Capoey while expressing gratitude for the contribution, said that the equipment will assist her greatly in her daily operations.

“I am very thankful for these tools and I know they will help me a lot with some of the challenges I face every day on my farm. I want to thank the Minister for delivering on her promise and for doing it so quickly,” Ms. John said.

Villagers with their tools

Villagers with their tools

Following the handing over, Minister Adams-Yearwood hosted a community meeting with a group of women farmers who requested assistance with starting several agriculture related projects.

Capoey Village Councillor, Ave Whyte

Capoey Village Councillor, Ave Whyte

Ave Whyte, a member of the Capoey Village Council, stated that about 35 female farmers were interested in receiving training for a number of projects such as developing shadehouses, blocks making and training in proper animal husbandry for poultry.

Minister Adams-Yearwood committed to engaging the relevant agencies to assist the women with developing a shadehouse project and receiving training in proper animal husbandry in poultry. She also said that she would look into getting someone to assist with training in blocks making.

Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood while making the presentation to Riana Toney in the presence ofher father, brother and another Ministry official

Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood while making the presentation to Riana Toney in the presence of her father, brother and another Ministry official

While in Region Two, Minister Adams-Yearwood also took the opportunity to make a presentation to this year’s top Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations performer for Guyana, Riana Toney of the Anna Regina who secured 19 Grade Ones, one of those subjects being Agriculture Science.

She noted that as Guyana prepares for first oil, it is important for persons to remain in agriculture because agriculture is the source of our food supply.

“I say this all the time, although the oil sector may be very attractive, we cannot eat or drink the oil so we must ensure that we continue to push and nurture the agriculture sector. I am proud of you and I want to encourage you to continue to strive for excellence,” Minister Adams-Yearwood said.