National Climate Service to improve quality of information

─ uniquely designed programme to bring climate knowledge into decision making at all levels


The availability of information on past climate trends, future trajectories and irregularities are critical for most socio-economic activities.

As such, the Hydrometeorological Service has been working assiduously to ensure that stakeholders are provided with timely and accurate data and information. The latest initiative is the Enhancing National Climate Services (ENACTS).

IRI Columbia University, Research Scientist, Dr. Tufa Dinku

IRI Columbia University, Research Scientist, Dr. Tufa Dinku

It is a unique programme designed to bring climate knowledge into the decision-making process at all levels; from the farmers to the government ministers. ENACTS seeks to concurrently improve the availability, access and use of climate information. The programme allows for the characterisation of climate risks at a local scale and offers opportunities to support research.


Deputy Chief Hydromet. Officer, Dr. Garvin Cummings

During a stakeholder engagement on Thursday, Chief Hydromet Officer, Dr. Garvin Cummings remarked, “Today’s launch of ENACTS fits well within the global and national framework for climate services while working to address some of the gaps identified nationally.”

IRI Columbia University, Research Scientist, Dr. Tufa Dinku, during brief remarks stated that by implementing ENACT, the Hydromet department is now able to provide quality climate data going back 30 or 50 years for every five kilometres of Guyana and an array of online information products through its website.”

Stakeholders at the workshop

Stakeholders at the workshop

In 2018, the Hydrometrical Service engaged the International Research Institute for Climate and Society at Columbia University to implement ENACTS in Guyana. The programme has so far been implemented in several countries around the world with Guyana being the first in this region.