Supenaam road upgrades benefit nearly 100 farmers

 1,500 metres of road maintained


Approximately 100 farmers in Supenaam on the Essequibo Coast are set to have their livelihoods improved from road maintenance works spearheaded by the Regional Administration of Region 2.

A 1,500ft road upgrade to Lot 5 Farmer’s Access Road in Devonshire Castle is one of the recent projects the regional administration would have undertaken. This road was said to be in a disastrous state prior to the maintenance works.

In an exclusive interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Regional Executive Officer (REO), Denis Jaikaran provided an overview of the works his administration has completed. “What we would have done this year is to upgrade this road from a complete mud road, to a crusher run road.”

Lot 5 Farmers’ Road

Lot 5 Farmers’ Road

Moreover, REO Jaikaran further explained that there are plans to improve the full length of the road.

“Phase Two of this project is going to allow us to do another 5,000ft sometime next year, so that the complete road, [or] dam so to speak, is going to create access that is good for the farmers,”said REO Jaikaran.

These infrastructural road works cost about $6M and were done in a predominantly rice-producing region. Lot 5 Farmers’ Access Road spans a length of approximately 10,000 metres and it separates two trenches and their adjacent rice farms. The upgraded road also has several cross-dam links that facilitate farmers’ access to it.

Farmers from Devonshire Castle and Hampton Court will be the main beneficiaries of the enhanced road. This project was completed under the 2019 Agriculture Drainage and Irrigation Roads programme of Region 2, Regional Administration.