Food Security Institute launched


-University of Guyana, Food and Agriculture Organization collaborate

-‘it would be wise for Guyana not to put all its eggs in the oil basket – Professor Ivelaw Griffith


Guyana can soon reclaim the title of “bread Basket of the Region” following the opening of an institute for food and nutrition security, this morning, at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre. This view was espoused by Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder.

According to the Agriculture Minister, the Food Security Bill of 2016 coupled with the institute will organise Guyana’s fragmented food safety system.


Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder

“Since Guyana is increasing its efforts to improve the performance of the agriculture sector and other food safety related sectors, it is critical that we have a system which is transparent, excludes overlaps and gaps in responsibilities and which allows for strict accountability throughout the entire food safety system,” Minister Holder said.

In his remarks, UG’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Griffiith noted that with the advent of the oil and gas industry, it would be wise for Guyana not to put all “its eggs in the oil basket” and neglect the potential of agriculture.

Vice-Chancellor, University of Guyana, Professor Ivelaw Griffith

Vice-Chancellor, University of Guyana, Professor Ivelaw Griffith

“This institute is part of the university’s contribution to the green state… it will enable us not to neglect agriculture, by doing the instruction, by doing the research, by doing the advocacy along with other entities, domestic and international”

Professor Griffith also noted that while Guyana produces large quantities of food, much is wasted due to the lack of knowledge of value-added production. Consequently,  the institute will be undertaking a number of workshops throughout the country.

Students .

Students and stakeholder in attendance at the launch of the Institute for Food and Nutrition Security.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative Rueben Robertson said since the institute is aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger by 2030, , partnerships are necessary. Robertson noted the partnership with the University will result in accumulation of the kind of evidence-based information that will contribute to informed actions and policies that will address, among other things, food and nutrition and diet.


Food and Agriculture Organization Representative, Rueben Robertson

“The FAO is confident the institute will excel into its own and mushroom with the scientific knowledge, skills and institutional capacities to provide academic training in the various in food and nutrition security methods.”

In the long term, Robertson said that the hope is that the institute will be the repository of information through research that will achieve a Caribbean without hunger.

The launch of the institute is a collaboration between the University of Guyana and the Food and Agriculture Organization