Uitvlugt Estate Factory back in Operation

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) wishes to inform members of the public that the Uitvlugt Estate factory resumed operation on 19 August, 2018 after experiencing technical difficulties over a week ago.

The factory at the Uitvlugt Estate was due to commence grinding on 11 August, when the heavy duty knife turbine developed significant technical problems which forced the delay of start for the Second Crop at that estate. The Corporation’s engineers and technicians have been working continuously to ensure that the downtime for the factory was minimal. Hence, the damaged parts for the turbine, knife shaft and knives were sourced and replaced speedily.

The Corporation’s engineers have assured that all of the necessary safety checks have been carried out on the turbine as recommended by the manufacturer and as stated in the operations and maintenance manual. The factory has since been handed over for grinding operation to recommence.

While some losses were incurred as a result of staling of canes which were burnt at the time of the incident, it should be noted that the losses are minimal. With good attendance and a focused management and staff, the estate is set to achieve its Second Crop target, of 10,780. The other two estates will produce the remainder of the target for the crop – 68,045 tonnes of sugar; with Albion Estate producing 38,160 and Blairmont Estate, 19,105.