NDIA working with CDC to bring relief to Dalliwala farmers – NAREI to intensify extension services

The Ministry of Agriculture, through the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the National Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) will soon be offering needed assistance to farmers in the riverine community of Dalliwala, Region 10.

This development come in wake of farmers indicated that farming in the community has scaled down because of the lack of intervention, improper drainage, inability of farmers to access farmlands, and a lack of proper market facilities, among other issues.

National Drainage and Irrigation Authority CEO, Fredrick Flatts indicated that the authority is working with the Dalliwala Community Development Council to assist with clearing access channels to these farm lands.

“Even though works of this nature is the responsibility of the region, NDIA will be working along with officials to see where we can assist. I recently accompanied the Regional Chairman to see some of these areas that are affected and NDIA is exploring ways in which we can assist.” Mr. Flatts said.

NDIA is currently awaiting a map of the village from the Regional Chairman before meeting with farmers to discuss how best they can be assist.

NAREI CEO, Dr. Oudho Homenauth also said that the agency is working closely with farmers through its regional office to increase its technical capacity in the village.

“Some of the farmers asked for more technical assistance and we are in the process of acquiring a boat and engine as part of our capital project. Once this is done, more extension officers will be able to access these farms to offer assistance as needed.” Dr. Homenauth said.

Dalliwala is a small farming community mainly accessible by boat, with just more than 20 farmers who supply a significant percentage of cash crops to Linden. Many persons in the village depend on farming and selling their produce for a livelihood.