Drainage infrastructure prepared for the rainy season

– 57 pumps operational in NDIA,

– 58 pumps operational in GuySuCo,

– repairs to others to be completed shortly

Chief Executive Officer of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), Frederick Flatts is confident that the authority is well prepared for the heavy rains projected for the May-June season.

Frederick Flatts, CEO, NDI

Frederick Flatts, CEO, NDIA

The NDIA CEO recently sat down with the Department of Public Information (DPI) to give an update of the state on drainage across the country.

“Most of our pumps are ready.  We have 65 pumps in the NDIA most of them are operational. We have about 57 which are working the others are under repairs right now. Within another week, at most 10 days, all of them should be working,” Flatts said.

Additionally, he explained, the available pumps are in an advanced state of readiness, therefore flooding will be minimal compared to previous seasons. He added, “In GuySuCo system we have 63 pumps and about five are not operational. They are currently under repairs.  We are optimistic when the rainy season starts most or all of them will be functioning.”

Through the Ministry of Agriculture’s NDIA, the government has over the years invested heavily in the construction and renovations of drainage facilities aimed at increasing the drainage coefficient in order to reduce flooding in coastal communities.