State of the Art Abattoir for Region Five

The beef industry is soon to benefit from the construction of a state-of-the-art abattoir in Region Five, Mahaica-Berbice. Head of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA), Nigel Cumberbatch said the construction of the abattoir, which will begin in the first quarter of 2018, is in keeping with the agency’s drive to ensure higher quality meat for consumers.

GLDA CEO, Nigel Cumberbatch

GLDA CEO, Nigel Cumberbatch

The GLDA head said the preliminary construction works are scheduled to start in another month or two. He also disclosed that Region Five is deemed the most suitable location for the abattoir since “Regions Five and Six are the largest cattle producing regions and we feel it is important to put the abattoir where the animals are. The construction will cost us in excess of $2M. It will be an international standard abattoir,” Cumberbatch explained.

Despite the country is self-sufficient in meat production, Cumberbatch noted that there is still some amount of importation occurring because of the quality required by the fast food industry and other internationally aligned sectors.

“(With) the quality of the meat and the cuts of the meat that are imported at this present time, we here in Guyana cannot meet that requirement. There are opportunities, we feel, for the local farming communities to look at what is imported and try to provide part of that importation. That is what we are hoping that we can do during 2018 and beyond.”

Cumberbatch further stated that the construction of the abattoir will bring new opportunities for the local meat industry.

“With an international standard abattoir, we can also say to the persons who are bringing in meat, that we are slaughtering under proper hygienic conditions and if the quality is good we see no reason why you cannot purchase animals feeling satisfied with the wholesomeness of the meat that will be coming out of the abattoir.”

The GLDA is the agency tasked with the development and monitoring of the local livestock sector. It provides various services, inclusive of artificial insemination and advisory to livestock farmers.