A Weather Advisory has been issued by the Ministry of Agriculture Hydrometerological Service, National Weather Watch Centre.

Satellite image shows deep convective clouds over Regions 2 to 5 and 7; in other locations shallow convective clouds.

Areas of Regions 2 to 5 and 9 are experiencing cloudy to overcast skies with thundershowers. Some areas are reporting heavy downpours associated with lightning.

The general weather outlook for the for the next six (6) hours, will see increasing cloudy skies which will become overcast with occasional light to moderate and at times heavy downpours, accompanied by occasional gusts.

There may be occasional outbursts of thunder and some areas may observe lightning.

Persons are asked to be very cautious under the current weather conditions.

The National Weather Watch Centre will continue to monitor the current weather conditions and will issue another update as the need arises.