Weather Update

Rainfall was experienced in some areas along the coast during the morning hours; conditions are expected to improve in the afternoon hours. Rainfall is likely to range from five mm to 20 mm with parts of Regions One, Two, Seven, Eight and Ten experiencing spells of overcast skies with isolated thunder showers during the afternoon. Rainfall is expected to range between 15 and 50 mm. Region Nine and Southern Region Six can expect continued rainfall in the afternoon hours ranging from 10 to 30 mm.

High tide is expected to be at 13:43 hours at a height of 2.55 metres. Citizens are asked to take note that an above normal high tide advisory is in effect until Monday June, 12 2017. Residents of low-lying, riverine and flood prone areas are asked to take necessary precautions against possible flooding.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Watch Centre advises that cloudy to overcast skies are expected to prevail throughout Guyana from Tuesday June 06 to Friday June 09 2017. These conditions are likely to be accompanied by frequent rain, moderate showers and isolated thunderstorms. Rainfall is likely to range between 50mm and 100mm on Tuesday and between 35 mm and 70mm on Friday.