Hydromet office continues to monitor changing weather pattern

The Hydrometeorological office in Guyana has issued an update to the recent weather advisory which was issued on Thursday, June 1.

The updated advisory states that coastal Regions, Three to Six and parts of Regions Nine and Ten can also expect light to moderate showers and possible isolated thundershowers. All other locations can expect scattered light to moderate showers.

These weather patterns will continue to be monitored by the meteorological office and further updates will be issued as necessary. Citizens are urged to observe the information being released and act in a manner that will prevent loss and damage to property and livestock.

Persons in flood prone areas are also urged to take the necessary precautions to protect drinking water from contamination and practice safe  waste disposal which can prevent health risks.

Relevant stakeholders such as the Ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and Communities are expected to also be on the alert in the case of any emergency as a result of possible flooding from heavy rains.